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Our motive


Tour de Froth is a life-changing cycling tour dedicated to the welfare of our planet and all that inhabit it.

By joining the rolling wolf pack, you’ll be another cog in the wheel helping to promote the positive benefits of living in a cruelty-free world with a cleaner natural environment.

We want our participants to enjoy the ride, and know that they are part of a movement that is advocating positive change for our future.

Our mission is to spread positive vibes and awareness of how easy and sustainable cruelty free living can be.

Tour de froth foundation aims to create a conscious shift for people to make more ethical choices in their daily lives.

By advertising and promoting ethical brands along our journey, creating awareness for alternative / cruelty free options.

A percentage of profits from entry fees, sponsor revenue and jersey sales will be donated to Project Hiu and The White Bike Foundation.

Project Hiu are dedicated to giving indonesian shark fisheries and alternative income which is sustainable and focused on protecting oceanlife.

The White Bike Foundation exists to educate and protect road-sharers. They believe that everybody has the right to use the road safely and complete their journey.

About Project Hiu

In May 2018, a small team of shark scientists, filmmakers, & surfers, lead by Madison Stewart went into a small island located in Indonesia with a mission to see if a village that relies heavily on shark fishing could thrive off tourism.

This village is built around a fishery which has been documented and shared around the world. 

It is common to witness the horrific sight of large sharks and protected species being killed here.

However, this mission was not about condemning how these fishermen provide food for their families, in fact it relied on approaching fisherman with a goal of friendship and understanding.

Project Hiu aims to continue this mission and work with these shark fishermen, to turn a well known shark fishery into a thriving tourism location.

This is a whole new approach to conservation, finding new grounds with our enemies and allowing us to have an invite like never before.

About The White Bike Foundation

The White Bike Foundation exists to educate and protect road-sharers.

In 2015, Joel Hawkins was hit by a car while cycling on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Joel was 17 years old and pursuing a dream when his journey was cut short.

We believe that everybody has the right to use the road safely and complete their journey.