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By making conscious decisions every day, we can create positive change for our health, environment and the animals we share our planet with.

We've put together our top resources for you to find out more about ethical living.

Plant Based news is a top resource for the latest plant-based-interest content.

Their aim is to create awareness about animal rights, environmentalism, ethical consumerism and the plant based lifestyle.


Watch their recap of the amazing progress made in 2017

For information on environmental aspects on how our daily choices can impact our planet

Racing extinction - https://racingextinction.com

Cowspiracy - http://www.cowspiracy.com

The Cove - http://www.thecovemovie.com/

For more information on how you can help save the lives of animals, see the links below.

Blackfish - http://www.blackfishmovie.com

Dominion - https://www.dominionmovement.com

Earthlings - http://www.nationearth.com

Live and let Live - http://www.letlivefilm.com/en/


For more information on how you can make everyday, ethical choices which can improve your health.

Forks over knives - https://www.forksoverknives.com/the-film/

What the health - http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com

Vegucated - http://www.getvegucated.com

Food inc - http://watchdocumentaries.com/food-inc/

Food matters - https://www.foodmatters.com