Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the tour? We've got the answers!

If you can't find the answer to your question below, feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: What do you recommend we bring?

A: This depends if you are riding the full froth / state to state / custom froth or single leg, lucky for you, we have a cool ‘What to bring list’ which also covers what we will provide for you!

Check out the lists below

Full froth / State to State  / Custom froth (any option that involves staying overnight) -Click here to view-

Single Leg (no overnight stay) -Click here to view-

Q: You guys are providing three meals a day, but I will no doubt have a MASSIVE appetite!!  Are you sure you’re going to be able to feed me? 


A:  We will be happy to load you up on your meals* with all the goods!  We do definitely recommend that you bring energy gels / bars to fill the gaps in between.  (always add extras)


  * single leg riders will be provided adequate refreshments after their ride whereas full frothers / those staying overnight will be fully taken care of for the duration of their journey.

Q: Before/ after riding, how will our bikes and gear be secured?  Should we bring locks?


A:  Although we will be altogether in secure campsites with plenty of space to place your bike, we do recommend that you bring a bike lock, this can be handy if you go for a spin into town to be a tourist or if you just want to sleep easy! 

Q: How good looking do I have to be ride with you guys?  Is “REALLY REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUSLY” ok?  😉


A:  Please send a photo in to for us to make sure you are good looking enough.  If you are not, we can provide the appropriate face masks. You can choose from a variety of animals, if you don't specify your favourite animal you may end up with miss piggy your entire journey. 


*This question was asked as a joke, so we feel it is important to answer jokingly.

Q:  Do I have to be vegan to join the ride?


A:  Absolutely not! We would really love everyone to come along and enjoy the good food, the good vibes and experience everything awesome about living plant based/ vegan :)

Q:  Will be have access to the occasional power point to charge our mobile phones, garmin etc.?


A:  Yes!  Most nights we will have access to power points, we do recommend bringing a battery pack (portable power bank)

Q:  Is there a ‘typical’ time of day that we will start/ finish each day’s ride?


A:  Yes! Each morning we will have an organised start time typically between 5am - 5:30am *this can change at any time/ depending on weather and other variables.

Q:  Will we ride in separate groups? 


A:  We anticipate that there will be two main groups (a faster paced group and a bunch of crew who are choosing to cruise that leg/ distance)

Q:  Is there a minimum level of cycling fitness/ strength required to participate?


A:  Not really but it is ideal that you can stay upright.  We recommend that the appropriate amount of training is done, for the individuals daily comfort.

Q: Is there any particular bike specifications we should have?  e.g. time trial bikes and/or disc breaks ok? 


A:  All bikes are welcome as long as the participant is comfortable! 

Q: How many people do you think will be participating on any given day?


A:  Surprise!* :) 


*numbers vary day to day and anything can happen.

Q:  How often will we be able to do laundry (or how many days of cycling kit will I need to bring)?  


A:  We will have access to water and areas to clean clothes every day, so you can clean your kit in the shower with you or use laundry facilities at the campsites.