A Taste of Tour de Froth

Cycling 537kms over four days, sleeping under the stars, sharing laughs and enjoying epic food.

 Frothing all that nature provides.

  • Burleigh Heads
  • Moogerah Dam
  • Somerset Dam
  • Woody Point
  • Burleigh Heads

Ride Hard. Live Ethically. Smile Easy.

Day 1: Burleigh Heads to Moogerah Dam

Busting out of Burleigh, heading towards Moogerah Dam, via Springbrook National Park. A Solid 162km with 2,486m Elevation.  Go at your own pace, get picked up by the Bonk Bus if you like, it’s not a race – we just out here for the fun of it.

  • 162km Distance
  • 2,486m Elevation
162km / 537km
Springbrook National Park
Route Map (Click the image to view on Strava)
Somerset Dam
Somerset Dam

Day 2: Moogerah Dam to Somerset Dam

A comfortable 137.45km with 1,562m Elevation, cruising into Somerset Dam.  A freshwater dam where you can rinse the days salt from the face and enjoy the satisfaction of the halfway point.  Take it all in.

  • 137.45km Distance
  • 1562m Elevation
299km / 537km
Route Map (Click the image to view on Strava)

Day 3: Somerset Dam to Woody Point

An easy Century into the point… it’s just a ride to lunch.

You have come from the mountains and now into the bay, over 400 clicks in just over a couple of days.  You’re getting to the part where you don’t want it to be over, Lucky for you, there’s another full day to rise up to… 

  • 107.10km Distance
  • 1,018m Elevation
406km / 537km
Woody Point
Woody Point
Route Map (Click the image to view on Strava)
Burleigh Heads
Burleigh Heads

Day 4: Woody Point to Burleigh Heads

Returning to Burleigh Heads with a relaxed 130.31kms with 1,281m Elevation.  With that kind of ratio, you’re basically rolling downhill! That’ll do donkey, that’ll do.

Enjoy the ride.  Smile Easy.

  • 130.31km Distance
  • 1,281m Elevation
537km / 537km
Route Map (Click the image to view on Strava)

Alright, Now What...

Major Details

  • 3rd May - 6th May
  • Damage: $560
  • Departs/Returns - Burleigh Heads
  • info@tourdefroth.org OR sign up below! *LIMITED SPACES*

Minor Details...

  • Bike pump - WE GOT ONE
  • Cutlery etc - WE GOT THIS

What's included?

  • Swag/Camping accommodation 
  • All meals covered up until Lunch on Monday 6th *All food is VEGAN
  • Bonk bus support/Luggage transfer

Sound like your kind of thing?

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