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Tour de Froth Jersey $190

LIMITED STOCK - First run sold out for mid-November delivery.
Taking orders now for second run - January delivery.

Includes free shipping to Australia!

Donation Sticker Pack $30

Donate to support the White Bike Foundation, Project Hiu / Shark Education Australia and Tour de Froth Foundation and get these awesome stickers!


The Tour de Froth 2018 Jersey is a symbol for what we are riding for.

From ocean life through to life on the land - Lets conserve and protect all.

The Meaning Behind The Jersey

Each colour represents a different aspect of the world we live in, from ocean life to life on land.

Let's protect and conserve it all.

LIFE ON LAND. Our power and determination to conserve and protect ALL life on earth.

THE PATH TAKEN.  A clear, clean path in life. Outlining our route Starting on the Gold Coast,Q.L.D, landing in Adelaide S.A.

CONNECT & CONSERVE. Our beaches connect us to the ocean. Being mindful of the waste we produce and where it goes.

CLEAN AIR. The importance of clean air and our responsibility to make changes for our future survival.

FLOWING CLEAN WATER. As we enjoy the surface layers of the ocean for surfing, swimming & water sports. It is up to us to keep our oceans FROTHING.

PROTECT. Reefs and coral protect our shorelines & provide homes for marine life. Let's protect it.

LIFE & GROWTH. The importance of understaning the mystery in the depths of the ocean & keeping our eco-system thriving because without it, we ain't surviving.